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This 10th Anniversary Edition includes revised artwork bringing it into the modern, cordless controllers and smart-phone savvy world (not to mention more tangling vines, vines, vines!!)



A young boy discovers that lounging on his favorite sofa playing video games around the clock is not all it's cracked up to be. His lack of attention to life's basics such as bathing, good food, fresh air, sunlight, and old fashioned exercise wreaks havoc on his young body, and before long our little lad finds himself a prisoner of his own designing, as well as the fascination of many an onlooker as he becomes literally joined at the hip with his increasingly disgusting environment.

Sofa Boy is a humorous and beautifully illustrated lesson-learned about moderation - a lesson that can clearly speak to all ages, and goes down easily with a warm and hearty chuckle.

Ages 4-8, 40 Pages, Hardcover with full-color, gloss dust-jacket.

"Sofa Boy" - 10th Anniversary Edition!

SKU: SB010
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