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Welcome to Shake the Moon Books!

Where ACTING LIKE A CHILD is not only FUN - it's a WAY OF LIFE!

Launched in 2009, Shake the Moon Books is an independant publisher of high quality, smart, engaging and creative books for children of all ages.  We pride ourselves in our playful and lively take on everyday life experiences that you will love to cherish yourself and share with your own children for years to come. 


The Frog at the Window by Scott Langteau Cover Image

Now Available and in stock!

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The Frog at the Window

A Completely Wild Christmas Tale

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"The action appropriately snowballs in this uproariously funny seasonal romp."
                                     - Kirkus Reviews
"...a wonderful, heartwarming book which brings back a little of the magic that is Christmas."
                  - Hanlie Robbertse, Reedsy Discovery.
"Michaela Brannon makes the story enchanting with her wonderful illustrations."
           - Mamta Madhavan, Reader's Favorite.

"While Katy and her family spend a snowy Christmas away at Grandma's house, a cold and clever little frog jumps at the chance to move into their warm, empty home. does every other four-legged forest dweller in the area! 


With the perfect holiday vacation house overrun with guests, chaos quickly erupts until the group finds a peaceful solution in this wildly enjoyable holiday tale of tails. What begins as a break from the wintery woollyland transforms into an annual holiday tradition of kindness and generosity.


The Frog at the Window is a Christmas tale with a message for every season! 




Now a 2020 Mom’s Choice Awards®  Gold Medal Winner!

AND...a 2020 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Silver Medal Winner!

This anti-bullying title follows 6 young targets of bullying along with their tormentors from adolescence through adulthood, serving as an empowering message to both the bullied and the bullies alike.  56 pgs, Ages 9-12. 

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Moonbeam Award Trans BG.jpg

Amazon #1

Poetry Title!

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"Shaking the Moon to Free the Stars" is currently AVAILABLE in eBook ONLY. 
Previous Medal of Honor & Call of Duty Producer Scott Langteau has assembled a collection of his poems and sketches from the past 20 years into a humorous, irreverent, and often moving look at the foibles of daily life.  If you're a fan of the style of Shel Silverstein, this collection is for you!  
(Not necessarily for the very young, this book is recommended for those 12 and up.)​

Our Classic Titles:

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NEW! 10th Anniversary Edition.

Updated artwork for a more media-centric modern world and yes - you guessed it... even more creeping vines!!

(NOW AVAILABLE!)  A young boy discovers that lounging on his favorite sofa playing videogames around the clock is not all it's cracked up to be. His lack of attention to life's basics such as bathing, good food, fresh air, sunlight, and old fashioned exercise wreaks havoc on his young body, and before long our little lad finds himself a prisoner of his own designing, as well as the fascination of many an onlooker as he becomes literally joined at the hip with his increasingly disgusting environment.


After watching the snowstorm of the season blow into his neighborhood, a young boy wakes to find his town literally buried beneath a mountain of snow. Possibly stuck inside his house for the rest of the winter, survival questions of every shape and size race through his mind- including one that tugs at his thoughts to the very end of his adventure. The Question is a wild journey through the mind of a child, with an ending so honestly relatable, you can't help but smile.


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